3 different types of tuxedos

Tuxedos are elegant pieces of clothing that are usually worn on more formal events, celebrations and meetings. There are several styles, colors and fits of tuxedos out there. The main thing that separates tuxedos from regular suits is the material called satin. Satin is found on the buttons and lapels of the tuxedos, while suits have this same fabric everywhere on them. Men should always be careful when picking out their formal wear, and how someone dresses largely depends on their personal style and profession. Remember to consider your profession and the events where you are going to wear your outfit when you go out searching for tuxedos.

Today you have wide choice when it comes to men`s outfit, so choose something that matches your overall lifestyle. Every man should own at least one tuxedo in his closet, as you will definitely need it when you attend some formal event. Truth is that tuxedos look great regardless of the occasion. Whether you are wearing it on a business meeting or a wedding ceremony, you will definitely leave a good impression with a tux on you. Therefore, do your research and buy at least one tuxedo that you will have ready for any occasion. Before you buy a tuxedo it is advisable for you to get familiar with the different types of tuxedos. The following types of tuxedos mentioned here are some of the most popular ones that are usually worn on many different occasions.

  • Stroller Tuxedo is a relatively simple type of tuxedo, but still very elegant. It is called a Stroller Tuxedo because it has been designed without any satin involved in the design. This type of tuxedo is usually worn on daytime events. For better look, you can combine this type of tuxedo with trousers in striped patterns. Lay down collar shirt will completely match this tuxedo. So if attending a daytime occasion, this is the best tuxedo to wear.
  • Tailcoat Tuxedo is a type of tuxedo where the front part of the skirt is being cut down. Because of that, you can see the skirt part only from the flipside. This is very trendy outfit that men used to wear even in the oldest times. If you are looking for this type of tuxedo be prepared to choose between many different patterns and designs.
  • Shawl Collared Tuxedo is a great type to wear regardless of the occasion. The collar makes this tux look beautifully elegant, and the shawl that comes to the tuxedo`s lapel has a curved shape that goes very smoothly from the start until the end. This is the preferred tuxedo while while creating dating profile pics from such apps as Meet N Fuck. To add even more elegance to this tuxedo, combine it with a round collared shirt and some nice dark bow tie.

All of the mentioned are great types of tuxedos and you will not make a mistake regardless of which one you choose. Consider the occasion, your style and your preferences, and go for the tuxedo you think it will look best on you.

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